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Limited Edition Professional "Blimp" basket type Windshield for excellent wind protection and handling isolation for select shotgun microphones. Perfect for Run & Gun, sports and Doc work.  The "snap-fit" Windshield pods design allows for quick access to the microphone and for adjusting. No tools needs to move microphone isolators or cable clamp.


Includes Front and Back "snap-fit" Windshield pods, shockmount, synthetic Fur cover, boom mount swivel with 3/8" threaded socket, XLR Clamp, Pistol Grip Handle, Low-Profile XLR-3 jumper cable.  


Sized to work perfectly with: SCHOEPS CMIT 5, SENNHEISER MKH 416, MKE 600, DPA 4017B, NEUMANN KMR 81i, RODE NTG3, SANKEN CS-2, CS-3e, DIETY S-Mic 2, Rycote HC-22

*Windshield will accommodate other shotgun microphones up to 275mm in length, from 19 and 25mm in diameter.

PWS-275-LE Professional Shotgun Windshield



    Height: 180mm
    Overall Length: 370mm
    Useable Length for Mic: 275mm
    Windshield Diameter: 104mm

    Complete Kit: 380g
    Suspension only: 230g
    Kit with Fur fitted: 500g
    Made in UK

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