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Lavalier Foam & Fur Shields are engineered for providing the best possible wind protection for Lavalier microphones worn on talent outdoors. Perfectly suited for use in windy conditions on lavalier mics that are attached to the outside of clothing.


Combines a lavalier foam windscreen with an outer fur windshield providing a secure fit and professional quality wind protection. Creates a small dead-air cavity within the windshield to provide the desired result. In addition to reducing wind noise it will considerably minimize the noise from movement and clothing.


Lavalier Foam & Fur Shields come in PAIRS in Black or Gray color.

Each Includes: (2) Fur Windshield and (2) Lavalier Foam Windscreen

Lavalier Foam & Fur Shields, Pair

Select Color

    Internal Bore Length: 15mm
    Bore Diameter: 4.5mm+
    Overall Length: 20mm
    Outer Diameter: 15mm
    Color: Dark Gray
    Material: Polyurethane Acoustic Foam


    Sennheiser MKE 2
    Sennheiser ME 2
    Countryman B3
    Voice Technologies VT500, VT506 
    DPA 40xx , 46xx 
    Tram TR-50
    Shure MVL, MX150, TL45-48

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